Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of December 13

The party’s cramped rest alongside the dust men passed amicably, with the two groups parting ways once the dust storm had died down. Glad to be able to travel without involuntary exfoliation, the party pressed on towards their goal of Vadrian. After several hours of slow progress, the party spots a figure, swaddled in rags, stepping out from behind a stone pillar. Introducing itself as an agent of Wragmag, he offers the the party a way out of the Abyss should they only agree to leave the Queen of Chaos’ machinations be.

Though severely tempted, the party refused to abandon their quest. Thus, with a heavy sigh, the figure offered one last gift, pulling a severed head from it’s bag and tossing it out in front of the party. It rolled along the ground just long enough for the party to identify it as the head of Wyrruth before it was snapped up in the mouth of an purple worm as it erupted from the sands beneath them.


Merek took to the skies, firing blindly behind him, somehow missing the barn sized creatures as the descended on the rest of the party. Damhsa soon found herself slashing wildly to free herself from one of their gullets. Amidst the chaos, Wragmag’s spokesbeing made it’s exit. Though bruised, and in some cases a bit slimy, the party were able to defeat the worms without any casualties.

The party hurried about to collect themselves after the battle before setting off once more. The day wore to a close as the party neared yet another set of pillars. As they approached this one, a demon pranced out, dubbing the party his new friends and inviting them behind a pillar, which quickly ducked around. Allyndor and Merek decided to wing around the outside of the party, however, as Merek flew along the tops of the stone pillars, he spotted a fiendish orc, pressing itself down as it waited in ambush.


Merek called out to the orc, making it obvious to the party that he had seen someone above them, in a vain hope that the matter could be resolved peacefully, but it was not to be. While Damhsa and Kiwi surged forward to meet the ambushers on the ground, Elyas shifted into dragon form and rushed two of the casters atop the pillars. Having a preservation instinct, the orcs promptly set about defending themselves from the enraged dragon in their face, rather than assisting the melee on the ground.

Meanwhile, Merek dimension doored Muradin to the top of the pillar with the lead orc, only to see his dwarven ally be tossed to the ground by a telekinetic force. He flew back down, encouraging Muradin to quickly bury his axe in the extremely ugly “elf” before him. This continued several times before the Dwarf finally fell unconscious from one too many falls on his head. Between Merek, Muradin, and Elyas, the casters had been kept too busy to assist their warriors on the ground, and the rest party was finishing mopping up.

With the odds now turned, the party finished off their fiendish enemies before looting the bodies with practiced ease. One more battle behind them, the party began steeling themselves once more for the journey before them.

Characters Present: Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Merek Falk, Elyas the Wolfhart, Akuma Bloodreamer, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Allyndor the Wanderer, Edluar the Seeker, Fritz, Muradin, Eluned
XP Award (APL 8): 1125
Roleplaying XP Bonus: Damhsa



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