Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of December 27

As the party continued on its way to Vadrian, there came a low mechanical drone from above. A chill passed through the group as they looked up and spied a Githyanki dreadnought soaring overhead. After much debate, they decided to avoid deadly conflict and allow them to pass unchallenged. Pushing themselves to the point of fatigue, they finally managed to find shelter among the stone pillars to make camp atop one of the stone monoliths. It did not take long, however, for their rest to be disturbed as an abyssal drake landed nearby and the Githyanki stepped out from the darkness, demanding that “the fugitive” be handed over to them. Needless to say, Kiwi thought it best to answer their demand by planting her blade in the enemy.


It was a fierce battle, with the party dodging the drake’s fly-by attacks while being hit with a barrage of arrows which ran through multiple party members at once. As Damhsa and Kiwi went toe-to-toe with the warriors, Elyas turned himself into a dragon to help keep the enemies at bay. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep Allyndor from falling to the drake’s aerial attacks. Empowered by the rage of losing another ally, the party cut into the enemy with renewed vigor, until the remaining two Githyanki teleported back to the dreadnought, followed by the hasty retreat of their abyssal guard-dog.


Remembering the Githyanki’s hatred towards anyone who dared to desecrate Githyanki weapons and armour, the party left the corpses untouched. Elyas, however would not leave one of the corpses – that of Allyndor. With a great show of power, he reincarnated the fallen cleric, adding another dwarf to the group. Dragging along their somewhat disoriented comrade, the party quickly set out to find a new area to rest.

Of course, just as they found a new area to settle down, they were immediately attacked once more. This time, their fearsome enemy was a remorhaz, which came out directly from the stone pillar on which they were camped. Damhsa quickly found out how powerful the creature was when it delivered an awesome blow, throwing her from the top of the pillar. Not wanting to approach such a creature, Akuma and Umma Gumma bombarded the remorhaz with an earth-shaking barrage of lightning bolts from afar, leaving it as nothing more than a crispy hull.


Annoyed by their inability to find an area to rest, the party members once again prepared to move out and search for another protected area to camp out. This time, when the attack came, they were not surprised that they were ambushed. No, they were surprised by who appeared. As the sudden swarm of spiders parted, they looked upon Lolth’s priestess. Luckily, it appeared that all that was required was conversation. When the party agreed to speak parlay, the avatar of Lolth herself appeared before them. She asked the party what their purpose was for being in Thanatos. Umma Gumma, not knowing any better, stated that the party would not go against Kiransalee or try to overtake her temple. Seeing the conversation go down hill, Damhsa quickly pulled Lolth’s token from her pouch and held it aloft, explaining that the party had assisted the matron of house Chumov in the Underdark. Unfortunately, this lead to Lolth stating that the party needed to follow her to the Web Pits to receive her blessing, should they survive the “education.” Not seeing any other options, the group reluctantly agreed. In front of them, a portal opened, and they jumped in, not knowing who – if any – would survive.

Characters Present: Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Elyas the Wolfhart, Akuma Bloodreamer, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Allyndor the Wanderer, Edluar the Seeker, Fritz, Muradin, Eluned, Umma Gumma
XP Award (APL 8): 1125
Roleplaying XP Bonus: ???



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