Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of December 6, 2015

After several days of sailing, captain Laquita dropped off the party just outside Acanthus. They spent the next day filling their packs and trading their unused magical items for ones which would serve them better. Along the way, Saurock decided that he would prefer to return to his tribe – he had no interest in the goals of the Seekers. Luckily, they encountered a dwarf who seemed to be interested in foolhardy quests, so they welcomed the new member of their misfit group.

Merek was able to take the orb to the Academy of Magic, where they were overjoyed to be able to study such an artifact. He warned them of the affects of touching the item, and asked if there was a way to purge it from Allyndor and Elyas. After great thought, the head of the Academy came up with the only option – kill them and perform a true resurrection. Kiwi offered to do the honors, decapitating her teammates with a practiced swing. Gathering everyone together, they stayed at Merek’s family’s estate for the last peaceful night they would experience for quite some time.

Meeting up with Laquita once more, they set sail for Thannatos, Akuma assisting with working of the wake portal. After a bumpy ride, they found themselves in a hazy, desolate world. With a warning that she would only give the party 24 hours to return should they wish to come back with her, Laquita set them off in a dingy towards the shore. Checking the map they received from Wyreth, the party decided to head towards Vadrian, a city to the east which had an unknown allegiance. Hoping that it would be the city housing the Undying Temple, they headed out across the barren landscape.

Soon, the wind started to pick up, causing a sandstorm which not only destroyed all visibility past 10 feet, but started to scrape the skin from the party members. Hurrying towards old ruins, the party searched for a sheltered area they could take cover. All they found, however, was a cerebrith standing in front of an opening to an underground chamber.

The battle was going well until Elyas’ wolf fell unconscious, just as another cerebrith appeared behind the party. As Kiwi and Damhsa took down the creature threatening their furry companion, Muradin decimated the other with his dwarven might. Once safe, the party members quickly pulled their injured down into the chamber which held the remains of the cerebriths’ previous meals. Donning the slightly crusty duster jacket, Edular pronounced himself immune to the elements, as well as a fashionista.

Settling into their watches, it was only a matter of moments before there was a disturbance. There was a rumbling followed by the impact of a large body on the opposite side of the stone wall of the chamber. After a moment of silence, the rumbling returned as the unknown creature rammed itself against each of the walls. Nothing else occurred, so everyone settled back into their bedrolls. Of course, only an hour later, there was another interruption to their sleep as voices were heard outside the chamber.

Without warning, a smoking pouch was tossed into the chamber. Damhsa quickly tossed it back up the stairs, burning her hands. There was a pause, then a second pouch fell down the stairs. Edular waved his hands and the pouch magically flew back up the stairs once more. Finally, a bottle fell to the floor, which filled the chamber with smoke and barred the stairwell with a wall of flame. Annoyed, Merek grabbed Damhsa and Allyndor as he used a dimension door to appear behind one of the walls of the ruins, Edular following suit. Peering through the storm’s fury, they were able to see a group of humanoids surrounding the chamber’s entrance.

Edular stepped forward and proclaimed himself the leader of the party and demanded the surrender of the invaders. Needless to say, they scoffed at the claim, but the strangers seemed willing to parlay. After some careful verbal dancing, the weapons were lowered and everyone retired to the chamber to wait out the storm. Once there, the “dustmen” identified themselves as humans from Vadrian, which they confirmed was not under the rule of Orcus or Kiaransalee, but an independent entity. Unsure of what they would find, the party rested and hoped they would survive the night.

Characters Present: Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Merek Falk, Elyas the Wolfhart, Akuma Bloodreamer, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Allyndor the Wanderer, Edluar the Seeker, Fritz, Eluned
XP Award (APL 8): 1125

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Damhsa


Love the “skin scraping wind” metaphor!


Events of December 6, 2015

Thanatos dust storms are great at exfoliating the skin!

Events of December 6, 2015

Great logs- wish you would use a parchment background and add some images on them though…

Events of December 6, 2015

One of my players has the images. He just hasn’t put them up yet :(

Events of December 6, 2015

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