Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of January 3

When the party members landed on the other side of the portal, they found themselves enclosed in a dark, sticky, prison of webs. Uncertain of their fate, they chose to rest in their cell in preparation of what they knew would be an epic battle for survival. Unfortunately, in the dark of their cell, whilst the party rested, there was the sound of a struggle, a grunt of pain, then the distant sounds of Allyndor screaming. Unnerved, the party searched the dark recesses of their pirson and found that their comrade had, indeed, been taken by their unseen captors. They did, however, find another being in the far corner of the cell – it was a small, huddled halfling and a drooling (and snoring) Saint Bernard. With a collective, “you look trustworthy!” they welcomed Belladonna and her canine mount into their party.

As soon as they sat down to plan their escape, a figure suddenly appeared before them. He approached on his cloven hooves and introduced himself as Grazit, the Dark Prince. He explained that he had been watching the party muddle its way through rather dangerous (suicidal) quests, yet manage to come out alive (mostly), and would like to group to perform a task for him in exchange for their freedom from the web prison. Going on, he explained that Loth and Orcus had both sided with the Queen of Chaos, and Loth wanted the Undying Temple intact for her own use. However, this did not sit well with Grazit, as he felt that he was the rightful ruler of the Abyss – it was his, and his alone. If the party agreed to perform a task for him, he would release them from their prison so they could destroy the Temple. In exchange, however, they were to release Grazit’s son from his prison in the stronghold of Vlad Tolenkor, where Loth had taken him.

Resigned to another side quest, the party agreed and ensured that Grazit gave them proper directions out of the web pits towards a portal which would take them to Vlad. As soon as Grazit vanished, the webs parted, allowing the party to flee. Unfortunately, they immediately ran into their guard, a babolith, intent on destroying the party.

The spellcasters immediately buffed the fighters, then they threw themselves into a heated battle. Careful to avoid it’s rending attacks they slowly whittled it down, until, with a mighty blow, Kiwi severed its head from its body. Unfortunately, they were not quick enough to prevent its cry of alarm, which brought drow reinforcements. Working quickly, Edular encased the archers in a bank of solid fog so he and Damhsa could focus on the drow mage and rogue. Unfortunately, Ellie and Belladonna were useless the entire battle as they were caught in an unbreakable web. After several close shaves with death, the party finally managed to cut down the guards and flee down the web paths towards the portal.

After a hurried journey through the demon webs, the party finally reached the portal, which was guarded by two succubi. The seductresses wasted no time in charming Edular and Damhsa, enticing them to approach their captors in a lustful haze. Disgusted, Fritz threw out a quick dispell, breaking the charm and allowing the party to run through the portal before the succubi could so much as blink in surprise.

The party, now getting used to frantic jumps through portals, landed in the forlon courtyard of a castle. All around them, they could see carnivorous plants, writhing and salivating at the chance of a fresh meal. Carefully making their way along a small path, the group reached an area with fountains, where they noticed a vampiress sitting there reading a book. Startled, she asked the party why they were there, to which Edular replied that they saught an audience with Vlad. With a groan, the group realized that he was most likely dominated again, and they quickly threw out any plans for sneaking into the castle to retrieve Grazit’s son.

The vampire, Serena, went to speak to Vlad, then quickly returned to the resigned party. She told them at they would be seen by the master of the castle, and led them into a grand dining hall within the castle. Finding a large table set with bowls instead of plates, the group warily pulled up their collars and awaited their vampiric host.



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