Iolas Locke

Treasure Hunter Extraodinaire!


My life started out simply enough. I am the son of Lee and Roya Locke. My father, Lee, was a carpenter of recognized skill and my mother, Roya, was a house keeper for an eccentric old wizard named Gilford Helmwrath. I grew up on the outskirts of two worlds as it was. Time with my father kept me around tradesmen and guild merchants all seeking his services. I learned about the various tool and became strong and nimble with my hands. I was never more than a fledgling apprentice due to my young age but I still learned much. In particular I was very fond of a Gnome tinker named Dimble Fernhoffer. I spent hours in his workshop playing with all manner of strange devices. I became adept with the many tools used for precision crafts.

The days spent with my mother were entirely another matter! Initially I was bored to tears by the mundane house chores she forced me to help with. Then one day, as young boys are apt to do, I slipped away to look for trouble to get myself into. Instead, I ran into the kindly old Gilford. He showed me a collection of legends and stories of fantastic artifacts that he had spent his entire life cataloging. My young imagination was instantly ensnared. Over the years I spent much of my free time reading Gilford’s journals and believed them to be naught but fairy tails contrived for my own enjoyment. Then one day Gilford was away unexpectedly. He returned with no fanfare several weeks later, his aged eyes wide with excitement. It was then that he told me of his greatest quest, the adventure of his lifetime, and he showed me the rewards too. He had returned with sacks full of silver and gold, enough to live out a lifetime in comfort, but these paled in comparison to the artifact. It was a simple looking staff to the untrained eye, the only distinguishing feature a gem mounted to the head. However, in Gilford’s trained hands, the staff could seemingly reshape reality! The full extent of its power was never known to me, and the staff was buried with my old friend on his passing a few years later, but from that day I knew that I too must seek adventure in the great unknown places of this world.

The skills I learned in my boyhood have served me well these last several years, but I learned that legends and tinker’s toys will rarely help in many of the places I seek my fortunes. So I have learned the craft of the blade. My tutor swore me to secrecy as to their identity but I dare to boast that my skills speak for the teacher on their own. Not being a hulking brute, but rather a nimble and cunning man, I have learned to strike from the greatest advantage and with the highest initial effect. After all, an enemy that is out of the fight before the know it has begun is my favorite foe!

That leads to my present situation. I have signed on for an expedition into the deadly jungles of the Yuan-ti with a group calling themselves the Seekers of Eprirus. I had heard of this ancient civilization before and discovered several great treasures from their long gone empire in the past. This promises to be my greatest adventure yet for we are going someplace truly unknown to the outside world. Stories of it are spoken in whispers and those who have ventured near the area have returned either with stories of dread or not at all. Greater the risk, greater the reward right?!

Iolas Locke

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