Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of November 9
Nighthags are Paranoid

As they party neared the tree, they spotted the first of the hags’ “security measures.” Laying outside the single entrance to the cavernous tree was a five-headed hydra.


Not keen on the idea of taking on the massive beast, Merek stepped up and volunteered to distract it, while the rest of the party would sneak into the tree. Surprisingly, things went according to plan for once, as Merek ran towards the silver dragon skeleton with the hydra in hot pursuit.


Slogging up out of the murky swamp water, the remainder of the party stepped into the tree, where they found another boiling cauldron like the one in the witch’s lair at Trellmont. Always thinking with his stomach, Dik dik scurried over to cauldron to take a smell. As he did, three carrion crawlers slipped out to confront the party, tentacles at the ready. Yelping in surprise, the little kobold blasted them with a color spray and dashed back to the rest of the party, where they were quickly defeated.


Being your typical group of adventurers, the party immediately began scouring the room from any valuables, finding, among others things, a magical shrunken head in what appeared to be the hag’s bed. However, as Saurok peered behind a curtain of vines, a stinger lashed out at him. Hidden behind the vines, several giant scorpions raced out to confront the party. As the party struggled to fend off their chitinous pincers, Merek rushed back into the cave. Quickly climbing up a wall, he shouted that the hydra was returning.


As the last scorpion fell, the party desperately began scrambling up the vines to a nearby ledge. However, Dik dik was unable to climb on his own power, and went into the scorpion’s grotto just as the hydra slithered into the tree. Its five heads surveyed the inside of the tree for a while, before it settled back into its former spot. Pulling out a potion of invisibility, Damhsa tied it to a rope and lowered it to Dik dik.

As Damhsa was going about her work, some nearby vines grabbed ahold of Myrtle. As the rest of the party scrambled to kill the living vines that were constricting their healer, Damhsa was able to haul the kobold up to the rest of the party. The immediate threats now dealt with, the party worked it’s way out of the alcove and onto a branch of the tree. Out of the end, they saw several beings locked in gibbets hanging from the tree. At Kiwi’s urging, the party skeptically began to try to free the occupants. Their skepticism was proved valid as the first “victim” lunged out of the cage and attempted to sink it’s teeth into Saurok.

The assault was cut short, however, when Othris bisected the vampire spawn with his great sword. Seeing the creature’s wounds begin to heal, the party sawed off its head, which they put back into the gibbet, and dumped the body down into the swamp below (without searching all of it’s body cavities for valuables, much to Saurok’s confusion).

Now convinced that everything in the nighthags’ tree was deadly in some fashion, the party ascended up another set of vines to the next branch. There they found several cages packed full of captured humanoids, and several wooden crosses much like those the wailing dead had been mounted on. On one, they saw a young woman who had her eyes sewn shut already. However, she still seemed to be unturned so the party cut her down. The party was about to leave the rest in their cages until they returned, however, Myrtle and Kiwi took exception to this, ignoring the rest of the party’s argument that it would be safer to wait until the tree was cleared before releasing the prisoners, especially given the vampire spawn they had already found.

Unconvinced, the halfings threatened to withhold healing if the people were not released immediately. Glowering at them, Merek declared that any consequences of this action would be solely on their heads, and blasted the padlock holding the cage shut. As the prisoners rushed out of the cage, they agreed to wait on that branch until the party returned. They also told the party that the hags had left the tree, but the medusa still remained.

As they ascended a rope ladder to the next branch, Merek spider-climbed along the trunk of the tree, peeking up until he saw the medusa, using a man tied to a post as a practice target. Narrowly avoiding being turned to stone, he ducked down below the branch and warned the rest of the party. Swiftly reshuffling their order, Kiwi and Saurok charged the medusa with their eyes shut, while Edular and Othris did the same with their eyes opened (because they are immune to such paltry magics). With these four preventing the medusa from maneuvering, Merek, Dik Dik, and Damhsa began peppering the medusa with ranged fire from outside her gaze’s area of effect.


Quickly overwhelmed, the medusa finally fell to Merek’s eldritch blast. While carefullly searching the body for valuables, Merek sliced off it’s head as a trophy. With the Medusa now dealt with, Myrtle and Kiwi went off to tend to Wets, the man the medusa had been using as a target. The rest of the party ducked into an alcove of the tree, where they found an ancient-looking woman who was bound to a chair by the trees roots. Her haggish appearance and tendency to ramble like a madwoman lead the party to believe that this was Mags’ sister, the Lady of Dusk.

Once the party had finally freed her, she dashed up to Damhsa, thanking her fervently for rescuing her before stopping suddenly. With a mournful gasp, she offered the plains women her condolences for her loss and stepped over to Merek. After studying him a moment, she told him that she could see he served a dark master of great power, and that “your father’s seed is strong in you.” When Merek dismissed the claim that he served any dark power, she simply stated that there were many things in life we’d rather not believe are true, but that his master was growing concerned that he knew of the repentant one. She continued to Saurok, grasping the arm that Mags had taken an incision from, telling him that it was not wise to give some of himself to the green hag. Finally she turned to Edluar, and paused a moment before declaring that he was not well liked. Edluar responded very matter-of-fact that she was obviously a liar and left it at that.

Though she was unable to give her name, stating simply that she was “the swamp,” the party was certain they had found the woman they had searched for. Leaving Dik Dik to keep her entertained while they ascended the tree, the party climbed on, determined to find the Heart.

Once they reached the top, they found that Mags had not been lying: the Heart of the Tree was indeed quite obvious. A fleshy mound of flesh ingrained into the dead tree, it beat arrhythmically at the very peak of the tree. Merek, eager to end the hag’s hold over him, leveled his hand at the Heart, waiting only long enough for the rest of the party to reach the top of the tree before firing a blast of eldritch force into it.

As he did so, the entire tree shook violently and a flock of harpies took wing around the party. Finding themselves suddenly surrounded, the party took up defensive positions around the heart, while Saurok leapt over the moat of blood surrounding it to begin hacking madly. As the majority of the harpies began to swoop in at the party, one hung back, singing sweetly. Merek was the first to become entranced by their song, but managed to recover himself before he walked off the edge of the tree.


However, Myrtle and Othris were not so lucky. They both walked blindly off the tree as they tried to reach the singing harpy, falling unceremoniously to their sudden death two hundred feet below. Enraged by the loss of companions, especially Myrtle, the party made quick work of the remaining harpies before Saurok finally managed to kill the Heart. Rising from its shredded remains soaked in blood, he watched as the moat slowly drained, revealing a trove of magical items. Quickly taking stock of their prizes and noticing that the nighthags’ mark was no longer present on Merek, the party descended down to where the prisoners, Dik Dik, and the Lady of Dusk waited for them.

Not far from the branch with the gibbets, the party saw Myrtle’s body resting on a branch above the water. The party sent Merek over with a rope to retrieve her body. Once she was back amongst them, Mag’s sister began to quickly call for “the little man’s head”. Damhsa realized she meant the shrunken head the party had found. Draping it around Myrtle’s neck, she lead the party through a ritual in in which they all pictured her alive. As the magic activated, they all felt as though they experienced Myrtle’s fall themselves. Suddenly, the halfing cleric gasped for air, looking up at the party circled around her with bewilderment.

The celebration was quickly put aside as the party noticed that Saurok and the Lady of Dusk had seemingly traded eyes. Convinced that this simply wouldn’t do, she placed her hand over Saurok’s eyes and muttered a few words. When they opened their eyes once more, both of them had their proper eyes. Saurok, however, began to flail madly, shouting that he could not see. Quickly pulling out another potion, Damhsa came up behind him and forced it down his gullet, thankfully restoring his sight.

With the party now back to fighting trim, minus the unfortunate Othris, they set about planning how to free the rest of the prisoners. After a bit of discussion, the party agreed they would not be able to sneak all of the prisoners by the beast the same way they had entered. Reluctantly, they agreed they would arm themselves with the unknown magic weapons they had acquired, and slay the hydra to allow the prisoners to escape safely, or so they hoped…


Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Edluar the Seeker

XP Award (APL 4): 675

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Saurok

Events of November 2
Swamp People: Epirus Edition

Preparations made once for their trek into the swamp, the party began their hike to the Mags’ hut. Deftly bypassing Saltmarsh’s besiegers by land, the party entered the fog-covered bog. Not long after the party entered the swamp and Saltmarsh faded into the fog behind them, the air began to cacophonous drumroll of insect wings. Darting in from the fog, the party was beset by a squadron of stirges. Determined not to kill another of the green hag’s “pets” in an unprovoked slaughter, the party let the stirges make the first move.


Once the first of the insects latched onto Myrtle, the party opened fire. The insects struggled to pierce the more heavily armored of the party as they were cut down one by one. The threat now passed, the party made their way to Mag’s hut relatively uneventfully. Sitting on the shore opposite the isle on which the witch’s hut was situated, the party took Damhsa’s suggestion to ask permission to step onto Mag’s island.

After their shouting went unanswered the party crossed the water onto the witch’s island, noting a man whose eyes and mouth had been sewn shut “stirring Mags’ pot”. Letting the man be, they called out once more, finally getting a response from the green hag. Finding her surprisingly forthcoming, she admitted to having caused the plague on Saltmarsh in order to secure Bee’org’s aid in freeing her sister, the Lady of Dusk, from the hands of the Grey Coven. The party quickly recognized the coven as the very same one that the Witch of Trellmont had been attempting to join.

She quickly pointed out that it was in Merek’s interest as well to slay these witches, in order to end the “night terrors” they had been using to avenge their sister’s death. She told the party that should they retrieve her sister before Bee’org, she would remove the plague. Though she was rather vocal that she did not expect them to return from the Grey Coven’s tree, situated in the northern end of the swamp. There, they would have to destroy the “heart of tree” and rescue the Lady of Dusk.

As she finished giving directions to the night hag’s tree, she gave the party the advice to “beware the wailing dead” and turned to Saurok with a wry smile, offering additional aid should he agree to stay for an evening. He reluctantly agreed, walking into her hut as the rest of the party settled in to sleep for the night. Giving Saurok a vial, Mags told him that it would help with the pain. Passing out soon after downing it, the night passed uneventfully for the rest of the party. When Saurok awoke and stumbled out of the hut, he noticed his arm was extremely sore, and had a small incision in it.

As the rest of the party gathered up their camp for the morning, Mags’ servant came out of the hut, presenting them with a small selection of potions. Quickly cataloging what they knew of the potions given, the party set off northward. The day passed largely uneventfully until dusk began to fall. As the party looked ahead, they spotted a khumat, a large crocodilian on two legs and many, many teeth. It quickly dove under the water as it spotted the party.


Gathering on the same patch of dry land, they party watched for it to lurch up out of the water. After a few tense moments of silence, three of the creatures sprung up around the party. Finding themselves suddenly surrounded, the party focused their fire on one creature at a time to break out of the encirclement while the party’s casters circled around the outside of the melee.


The party managed to slay one of the creatures before they fled. Resisting the urge to make a nice pair of boots, they set up camp for the night. On the second watch, the party was awoken by the sound of someone thrashing through the swamp. Sending Dik Dik and Merek out to scout, the pair spotted a crouching figure cowering in a bush. Dik Dik went back to the rest of the party to fill them in as Saurok, not contented with his dalliance with Mags, circled around the bush, popping out of the water to promptly grapple the man to the ground.

Dragging him back to their camp, the discovered that the man was an escapee of the coven. Though he was initially panicked, a bit of food and an uncharacteristic gentle touch from the party managed to calm him. Pumping what information they could from him, the party learned that the coven consisted of three hags, and a medusa who frequently visited the tree. He explained that recently, the three had began to compete fiercely after one of them had received an impressive boon from a demon lord. Finally letting the man rest, they settled in for the rest of the night, which thankfully passed uneventfully.

The following morning, they let the man sleep until they were about to move out. Rebuffing his pleas that they turn back, the party briefed him on what dangers lie in each direction. Giving the man a week’s worth of rations, Saurok gave him his old sickle, and Merek and Damhsa gave him some money. Before he left, he asked them for their names. Damhsa and Merek both gave him their names, though Saurok refused. Thanking them once more, he said he was going to try his luck catching a ship on the coast.

Pressing on, it was long until the party came upon the grisly visage of a man bound to a stake, his eyes sewn shut. Suspecting that this may be the “wailing dead” they had been warned of, the party began to work on circumventing it, only to find that they seemed to be paced at one hundred fifty foot intervals in a circle. Quickly discovering that the dead began to thrash about well before they could sneak between them, the party continued to skirt around the perimeter, finally finding a spot were one of the dead had fallen over and was submerged in the murky swamp water.

Barely having passed the perimeter, the party was set upon by trio of aberrant tentacle monsters, recognized by Merek as otyoghs.


Though the beasts spent most of the battle juggling different party members amongst their clutches…




…the party had learned to coordinate their fire quite well, and quickly felled the beasts in turn. Finishing the battle relatively unharmed, the party pressed on.


As they marched towards a looming shame in the distance, they party began to make out that it was the skeleton of some long dead beast. Curious at what it may be, the party continued on undaunted, even when Dik Dik finally revealed it to be the remains of a colossal silver dragon. Though the party noted that this was an odd place for a dragon who preferred to live snowy mountains to die, they agreed that they had bigger fish to fry. Crossing through within the dragons rib cage, the party caught their first glimpse of the Grey Coven’s tree.

Though covered in varieties of moss and other forest growth, the tree was obviously long dead. Still, nearly two hundred feet high and half that in diameter, it was an imposing edifice. With a single cavernous entrance nestled between the roots, the party began to formulate their plan of attack. However, the discussions were cut short when Damhsa felt the point of a blade at the back of her neck. A coarse voice cut through the silence, demanding to know if the party served the hags. Slowly turning around, the party saw a man in patchwork leather armor, holding a rough-hewn short sword towards them. Reassuring him that they were not agents of the hags, he began to lower his blade, identifying himself as Othris.

As they explained their purpose in arriving to slay the coven, he grew agitated once more upon hearing of Merek’s mark. Upon inspecting it, he turned back to the rest of the party, demanding that they kill him. Thankfully for Merek, they party were unwilling to turn on their ally, for the time. However Othris continued to insist that Merek not follow them in the tree, as he felt the coven would compel him to betray the party once the final showdown had begun. Confident in their ability to kill any traitor who may rise up in their midst, the party decided to take both Othris and Merek into the tree. Soon, vengeance would be had.

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot

XP Award (APL 4): 675

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek

Events of October 12
No Rest for the Wicked

As the party prepared to leave Trellmont, they stopped back by to try and convince Kelgor’s parents to allow him to return to Saltmarsh with them, in search of a cure. Though they were able to convince his parents, Kelgor himself was too terrified to leave. Rather than drag the wardrobe in which Kelgor liked to hide out to the ship, they decided to find the cure first before disturbing him further.

Upon returning the Saltmarsh, the party made its way immediately for the Temple of Pelor. Bypassing the throngs of people trying to force their way onto the Sasserine ships, the party noticed throngs of diseased people lining the road on their way to the temple. It seemed that plague had come to Saltmarsh.

At last arriving at the temple, the party found that the sickest of the citizens were concentrated there. Not wanting to take the children through the diseased masses, Merek went into the temple to fetch Lady Ivessa, the High Priestess. After a short search, he was able to locate her. The usually elegant priestess was looking noticeably disheveled, as the herculean task of caring for the diseased citizens was taking its toll on her.

Taking a few moments to look the listless children over, Ivessa sighed, saying she’d have to do some research to find out what exactly was causing their trance-like state. Thanking her for her help, the party returned to the Silver Raven Inn. As they made their way back to their rooms, they noticed a smear of blood on a door handle. Edluar quickly picked the lock, opening the door to reveal a gruesome murder. As Damhsa went off to summon the guards, Merek set about searching the room.

Once Deldrin arrived, he helped the party to identify the women as Lorynn Alhendra, a brothel madam from Seaton. With what little information they could glean from the crime scene, including the initials “EBA” on the bottom of the nightstand, Deldrin tasked them with finding the killer. Heading off once more into the muggy evening air of Saltmarsh, the party went down to the docks, where the Seaton survivors could be found.

Edluar set about canvasing the survivors, two widely differing opinions of Lorynn were found. Half seemed to think she was a kindly old lady, while the rest spoke of an exploitative predator. The only group they would speak of as her enemy would have been the local temple. Upon hearing that her girls that had survived the sack of Seaton were now working at local taverns, the party began bar-hopping.

Stopping by the Wicker Goat first, the party found a rather bitter tart who seemed quite glad to hear Lorynn was dead. Knowing that this girl wouldn’t be much help, the party continued their tour of Saltmarsh’s dive bars. Finding themselves next at “The Flounder Pounder”, the barkeeper directed them to a half-orc. This girl spoke very kindly of Lorynn, but couldn’t think of any other possible culprits. She did mention, however, that one of Lorynn’s former partners had once come to Saltmarsh to buy property.

Since this was the closest thing they had to a lead, they set off towards the town hall, to see if they could find any records of purchases for Lorynn around the same time as her partner’s arrival in Saltmarsh. However, along the way, as the party set off through the seedier part of Saltmarsh, a scream rent the air, coming from a nearby house. Rushing in, the party saw one of the plague-victims, eyes glazed over, pounding a woman. (with his fists you pervs)


As the party set about trying to incapacitate the man without killing him, several more of the afflicted came shambling out of the nearby alleys. Pus dripping from boils and sores, eyes milky-white, they no longer appeared human.


Dispatching the one attacking the women, the party began their desperate bid to get the woman out alive. As Kiwi lead the charge one one side of the street, the party slowly began to carve a path toward the Silver Raven.


The battle dragged, with the party able to make little progress under the relentless onslaught of the afflicted.


Finally, the town guard made their way to the party. As the guard took over clearing the throngs of afflicted, the party took their rescuee and made their way back to the Silver Raven to nurse their wounds.


Upon arriving, they found that several members of the town council had arrived at the inn to manage the crisis. Dropping off the rescued women, some of the party went off to speak with the orc shaman Rethel had captured. As the guard lead them down into the dungeon, the party noticed that the cells seemed to be filled with afflicted citizens. Finally reaching the cell at the end, the party spoke briefly to the orc shaman who told them that the swamp witch Mag was behind the plague in Saltmarsh.


Once the party had returned to the council, eager to finally get some rest before their inevitable trek out into the swamp, the party was asked to go back and conduct a more “thorough” investigation. The group headed out through the streets of Saltmarsh once more to interrogate the orc. As they began the “questioning,” the party began to notice he was far more eloquent than he had been before. Suspicious, Marek threatened to blat the orc’s legs, but the orc only laughed. “I am already dead,” he said with a smirk.


It was only when Merek shot the orc in the knee, and no blood came out, that the party realized just how literal the orc’s statement was. Now realizing that another entity was speaking through the orc, the party changed tactics, trying to draw any information they could out of it. While they were able to determine that the entity was not anyone looking for the diary, he seemed to have a strong dislike for Bee’org, and a keen interest in Sofiel. It appeared that the shaman was, indeed the carrier of the plague. Under Bee’org’s orders, he had pretended to surrender in order to be brought inside the city walls and sicken the populace. The entity laughed at the party’s consternation, especially when it said that it could have and had used any person at any time to spy on the party, much as Bee’org had. And much like Bee’org, the entity seemed to find the party lacking.

When the party pressed the entity for information on how to end the plague, it offered them a deal: a chance to look at the diary in return for information on how to end the plague. Making another trek back to the Silver Raven, the party managed to convince Talon to allow the entity to see the diary. Bringing a table in, the party slowly turned the pages, allowing the being to read.

Once finished, the orc settled back into his seat as the entity thanked the party. It explained that the key to ending the plague was through Mags, and warned that she would need to be alive to end the plague. With that, it said that one of his agents would be contacting them soon. After Merek questioned him about the messenger, he found out that it would not be Molaan or a servant of Bee’org. With that, the orc shuddered slightly, and his wounds began to bleed.

Leaving the confused orc to his devices, they left the jail and returned to the Silver Raven once more. After briefing the council on what they had learned, and their plans, the party settled in for the night, getting what rest they could. However, Dik dik and Myrtle began to run a fever, which Ivessa recognized as the early stages of the plague. She advised the party to keep their fevers in check until the next morning, when she would be able to heal them.

The next morning, Dik dik and Myrtle were able to be healed, but Merek came to Lady Ivessa with disturbing news. That night, he had been visited in his dreams by the sisters of the nighthag they had killed in Trellmont. She advised him that there was no magic she could use to remove their mark and end their assault on his dreams, and that he would have to kill the witches in order to free himself.

Exhausted, he rejoined the party, and filled them in on what had happened as the party prepared to attack yet another witch.

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Edluar the Seeker, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot

XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar

Events of October 5
The Nighthag of Trellmonte, Part One

The forest turns out to be a worthy foe for our intrepid adventurers. Do they have what it takes to fell a pair of living trees, or will they become a set of macabre windchimes? Read on to find out!


With the highlanders’ defection to Saltmarsh, the siege had settled into something of a lull, with a mercifully uneventful day passing. The following day, however, proved to be far more eventful. Well into the morning, the party began to hear a thumping from the harbor. A small group rushed over just in time to see a string of Sasserine ships breaking through the pirates’ blockade, reopening the harbor.

The relief in the city was palpable, as the new supplies were distributed through the desperate population. As the party watched the Sasserine Navy mop up the pirates, Deldrin, the sheriff, approached them. With the port opened up, he wanted the party to head up the coast to the logging village of Trellmonte, to see how they had fared since the siege had begun. Eager to get out of the town for a while, the party agreed.

The further north they sailed up the coast, the more usually muggy air of Saltmarsh became rainier. When they finally arrived at the appointed disembarking point, they stood in a full-on downpour. As they slogged across the brown and soggy countryside toward Trellmonte, the party noted that there was something unnatural about the state of the land. However, not far from the village, the sudden sound of sobbing halted the party in their tracks.

Stepping off the trail, the party found a villager named Korolard. He explained that his son had disappeared into the woods the previous night – the third child in the village to do so. Agreeing to look into it, the party walked into town, where the town elder, Olthar, was addressing a crowd. As the party neared, they could overhear the villagers debating what they should do about the disappearing children; many were opposed to the idea of outsiders coming to help. Noticing the outsiders approach, the villagers dispersed, disappearing into the tavern.

Agreeing to speak with Olthar in the tavern, the party walked in and found a table. As they waited on Olthar to appear, a surly looking main approached the table, glowering down at them, he told them they would only make things worse and anger the forest spirits. Disgusted by their cowardice, Damhsa shouted the man down, who retreated to his table.

As Olthar finally appeared, Berba the bar wench came to take the party’s order. Dashing off with a wink to Edluar, the party leaned into listen to Olthar. The elder explained that children disappearing had happened ever twenty years, and that the last time the town had another group of adventurers appear to save the children. These other adventurers had stopped one child, Kergo son of the blacksmith, before he entered the forest, and entered it themselves, never to return. He explained they’d had to wait for a child to approach in order to enter, otherwise the forest would seal them off from entering. In addition, the forest seemed to take it’s retribution by taking an extra child that year. Olthar further explained that Kergo had not spoken since he had been saved, and still lived with his parents.

With that Olthar promised to get them a room at the inn, thanking them again for assistance, and left them as their food arrived. Though the meal was pleasant, Edluar had a different hunger on his mind. As Berba settled onto his lap, he happily leaned into her, flirting playfully as the party discussed their next course of action. Agreeing to go visit Kergo, the party set off, with Edluar promising to return later.

As they hiked out to the smithy’s, they spotted Kergo’s father, who wordlessly turned around to enter his house. Knocking on their door, the party was greeted by Kergo’s kindly mother. As the party asked to see Kergo, she reluctantly lead them in, past his father who stood silently with his back to them. Entering his room, they saw drawings all over the wall of an unnatural face. Unable to identify it, Merek made a quick sketch, and departed as to not disturb Kergo further. As they went to step out, Kergo’s father’s mountainous frame blocked the door. He urged them to leave and not further rile the forest spirits, not wanting anyone else to have to see their child live a waking death.

Returning in silence to the inn, the party made their way to rooms to get what rest they could before the night to come, while Edluar was dragged off by Berba to her bed. Returning, rather disheveled, an hour later, he too fell into a deep sleep. Waking up again at night fall, the party sat about the tavern as the unnatural rain poured and wind howled outside, waiting for word of one of the children disappearing.

It wasn’t long before a distraught villager burst into the tavern, announcing that the Losco’s daughter had disappeared. Dashing out of the tavern, they raced off towards the treeline, just in time to spot the little girl shuffling towards an opening tree line. As Merek and Dik Dik dashed into the opening, Damhsa caught the girl and passed her off to a villager. The child now safe, the rest of the party entered the woods, where the unnaturally moving trees had parted.


Inside they found only a single path, with the forest cutting off any possibility of leaving it. Following this for a time, the came across a creek, its waters rushing with the excess water brought about by the unnatural rain. The party had secured a rope across the stream, and were beginning to cross when a nearby mound of debris rose up and attacked Myrtle as she climbed onto the rope. Pouring on their attacks, the shambling mound fell to Myrtle before it could kill anyone, though Damhsa found herself in need of intensive healing.


Following the path further in, the party came into a glade which the corruption and tainting rain seemed to have left untouched.


As the party cautiously crossed it, a pair of corrupted treants burst through the treeline and into the glade. Worried that they would be tossed about like ragdolls, they scrambled to destroy the corrupted beings; a dryad burst forth from the tree in the center of the glade, joining the battle. Managing to quickly burn (figuratively and literally) each treant in turn the battle was over relatively quickly, with Dhamsa felling the first, and the second falling to the dryad.


As the last treant fell, the dryad darted back into her tree, eying the party suspiciously. She explained she’d been protecting this small glade and thanked them for her assistance, but being relatively young was unable to provide much in the way of assistance. She explained that something was killing the trees in the forest, and that she did not know what it was. Thanking her, the party moved towards what the dryad believed to be the epicenter of the corruption – the tainted mound.


As the reached the mound the dryad had spoken of, the party looked about to see dozens of trees, felled by their own rot, lying out from the mound. Circling the mound, they found a boulder, enscribed with runes, covering a entrance to a tunnel just wide enough for a child to enter. As Edluar and Merek investigated the runs, they were able to determine something about a sacrifice for a coven and the Grey Wastes of Hades.


Unperturbed by the creepy tunnel and ominous runes, the party crawled through the dark, earthen shaft. Edluar, in the lead, popped up out of the dark hole (a situation he had been in earlier that day), and spotted a nighthag standing over a boiling cauldron, with the missing children huddled behind her. Casting a pair of preparatory spells, Edular rushed up out of the hole. Shrouding himself and the floor of the grotto with an obscuring mist, he waited for the majority of the party to climb out after him and rushed straight into the nighthag’s face.


As Edular and Damhsa lashed out at the hag, she lunged past them, sinking her teeth into Merek. He staggered back, blasting her with one Eldrich blast after another. As the party swarmed around her, the nighthag found herself pinned against the wall. She turned to Edluar, and with a flick of her wrist, dropped him to the ground. Meanwhile, Myrtle rushed up to heal Merek. His wounds closing, he waded back into the fray just in time to see the hag break a bottle of rotworms over Damhsa’s head, watching as the wriggling maggots burrowed into her body. As Myrtle stepped over to Edluar, rousing him from his magic induced sleep with a sharp slap, Dik Dik unleashed the last of his spells onto the witch. Now skirting around the hag and her swarm of rotworms, Damhsa, Merek, Bolo, and Dik Dik finally managed to fell the hag as Edluar and Myrtle set about dragging the children to… safety.


With the hag dead, the party doused the worms flaming oil and searched the room. In addition to the hag’s incomplete heartstone, the party found the sixteen skulls, etched with runes, of the children who had been taken in years past. As Merek picked one of them up, he was flooded with the images of the child’s final moments. Upon further inspection, Myrtle surmised that they skulls were binding the children’s souls. As for where they were, she could not say.

Offering to consecrate the area, she gave Damhsa and Bolo a list of components needed and sent them off to the town. Damhsa marched into the blacksmith’s shop, hag’s head in hand. Leaving the blacksmith to powder the silver (giggity), they went off to the temple to get the rest of the supplies.

While Damhsa and Bolo were off on their shopping trip, the rest of the party remained in the grotto when the disembodied voice of another hag echoed through the air, asking if her sister was ready to join them. Merek responded, telling them that their sister was dead. He refused to give his name to voice, but when voice promised vengence, he promised death to any who tried.

With this Damhsa and Bolo returned, and Myrtle quickly set about her work. With the area consecrated, the Merek set about destroying the runed skulls. As the last skull shattered, the cauldron in the middle of the room burst open, it’s foul liquid spilling about the room. As the rest of the party scrambled out of the room with the children, Merek clinged to the ceiling, watching the liquid settled to make sure no beast would rise from the remains.

Finally satisfied, he climbed out through the sludge, burning armor off of his back. Between the bite and heavy burns on his back, Merek resolved to get a thorough check up by the temple of Pelor when he returned to Saltmarsh.

Sadly, the children were still in the stupor they had been in when they were discovered. As the party looked them over, they noticed each had a strange mark on their chest, matching the one that had been left on Merek when the hag’s bite had been magically healed.

Finally back in the village, the party briefed Olthar on what had happened, offering a ride to any who wanted it back to Saltmarsh. Given the state of the children, they intended to bring them back to the temple as well in order to see what could be done for them, hopefully with Kelgor in store if they could convince his father to allow him to go.


  • The harbor of Saltmarsh is opened up by reinforcements from Sasserine. Sheriff Deldrin asks the party to take a ship up the coast to investigate the logging community of Trellmonte.
    With the full moon approaching, the party gave Dik Dik a potion of Cure Disease to make sure he would not change.
  • Upon arriving at Trellmonte, the party finds the nearby area to be unnaturally sickened and rainy. Additionally, children are disappearing into the nearby forest.
    After investigating the village proper, the party discovers that the town is split over how to handle the disappearing children, an event which happens every 20 years.
  • After meeting with the town elder, Olthar, the party agrees to try to save the children. The party passes the afternoon resting at the in. Edluar spends “quality time” with Berba the voluptuous bar wench.
    Upon nightfall, the rain becomes extremely heavy and the party recieved word that a child has gone missing.
  • Rushing off towards the treeline nearest the child’s home, the party sees the woods opening for her. They hold the child long enough for her family to grab her, then rush into hte woods.
    While crossing a creek, the party is attacked by a shambling mound, but manage to kill it.
  • In the middle of the woods, the party finds a glade that seems to be uncorrupted. While attempting to cross, a pair of tainted treants attack. The party assists a dryad in protecting the glade.
  • Continuing down the path, the party comes to a mound. Crawling down into an entrance hidden under a boulder. Ignoring common sense, they crawled into the small creepy tunnel leading to a hidden grotto.
    Inside, the party encountered a nighthag, and promptly assaulted her. After a tense battle, they were able to slay her.
  • While Dhamsa and Bolo left to gather supplies to consecrate the area, the disembodied voice of the night hag’s “sisters” promised revenge for her death.
  • Myrtle consecrated the grotto for the party. Hoping to break the hag’s spell, Merek shattered the skulls binding the past victims souls, also destroying the nighthags cauldron. Damhsa took the hag’s incomplete heartstone.
  • Despite having ruined the hag’s grotto, the children still appeared in a daze. Upon their chests was an odd mark, which had also appeared where the hag had bit Merek. The party decided to return the children, as well as any villagers who wished to go, to Saltmarsh were they could seek treatment.

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Edluar the Seeker

XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Damhsa

Events of September 14
Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day Two and Three

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi, Rethel

XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek


  • The party stopped Thuldrin Kreed from stealing the diary and turning it over to Bee’org. They obtained a magical Kreed Sword Cane from this battle.
  • Talon Wales and the diary were moved to the Silver Raven Inn.
  • Rethel’s brother, Beorn, arrived with a force of Jalmaren mercenaries in the employ of Bee’org’s army, but changed sides to support Saltmarsh after the party repelled the gnoll’s night assault.
  • During the gnoll’s night assault, the party was assisted by the arrival of Quinn and Cecile Falk, and their personal guard.
  • Merek was able to broker a deal between Quinn and Talon to keep the Falk involvement in the fall of Epirus secret in return for military and financial support.

With the sahuagin assault repelled, the party began setting about rebuilding what they could of their defenses. The reprieved was short-lived, however, as one of orphans the party had previously rescued came running to the wall. The boy quickly explained that Talon was calling them back to the guild house to deal with an emergency. Leaving the bulk of their forces at the wall, a small group quickly made their way back into town.

Upon arriving at the area around the temporary guildhouse, the party quickly spotted a mob which had formed nearby, gathered around a safe which had been drug from the guildhouse and picked open. Seeing Thuldrin Kreed, one of Saltmarsh‘s most affluent merchants, holding the diary aloft as he told the mob how this would save the city, the party stepped over the Talon’s battered body to demand the return of the diary.

Thuldrin however, was not impressed, and ordered his mob to attack the party. Largely ignoring the mob that Thuldrin had riled up, the party focused fire on Thuldrin. With one of Merek‘s eldritch blasts tore into his chest, Thuldrin fell, dropping the diary. As his son, Jurin, ran out from a nearby alley, wailing at site of his bloodied father, the mob suddenly ceased fighting. Taking advantage of mob’s indecision, Rethel stepped forward and took the book from the ground and the party allowed the rest of the mob to leave, with Jurin and Payden, Thuldrin’s bodyguard, carrying Thuldrin to safety.

The crisis now resolved, the party took the Kreed’s sword cane and the horse the mob had used to drag the safe out as spoils of war. The party borrowed a wagon from a nearby shopkeeper and took Talon to the Silver Raven Inn, where the guards would be able to keep him safe. Along the way, Damhsa, rather smitten with the draft horse, adopted the majestic beast, naming him Epona.

Once back at the wall the party settled in their positions at the wall, and that night and most of the following morning passed without any major event until the afternoon of the third day. It was then that a small band of Jalmaren Highlanders came swaggering out of the woods. Visibly surprised to see his clansmen this far west, Rethel came down from the wall, to discover the party was lead by his brother, Beorn. Though the two appeared glad to see each other initially, the mood turned quickly once Beorn told Rethel that Bee’org had hired the highland mercenaries to assault Saltmarsh. Though the two were disappointed that neither would join the other’s side, Beorn told Rethel that gnolls would be attacking that night. Agreeing to feast that night before the battled, the Jalmaren’s parted amiably.

As evening fell the Jalmaren’s reappeared, kegs of mead and proper food in tow. As they feasted in the shadow of the wall, Beorn made one more plea for Rethel to join them. Though Rethel rebuffed him again, Beorn gave Rethel a signet ring and battlehorn that their father had commissioned for his son’s, and urged his brother to survive the night attack, that they may meet in battle personally.

Not long after the feast had broken up, the first of the gnolls appeared, leaping on top of a rock outside the walls. The party, nonplussed by the gnollish gibberish being spewed their way, began to shoat obscenities back at the gnoll in whatever esoteric languages they knew. The shouting match continued until the first of the actual gnoll assault appeared, siege ladders in hand.


A vicious battled ensued and the party was barely able to hold the gnolls going at he wall, while even more rushed through along the river banks. Scrambling to take down the waves of coming from the river, Bolo fell when a gnoll blade fileted half his face of. He survived with his life only due to quick action on Myrtle’s part.

Just as the party were beginning to regain the advantage, the gnolls released their reinforcements; three ogres and a pack of gnoll berserkers came charging out of the woods towards the wall. While the northern half of the wall and those by the river bank took care of the berserkers, Lloyd and his family guard struggled to kill the ogre’s before they overran them. All the while Saurok, who had snuck out onto the field before the battle, was single-handedly keeping several gnoll archer’s occupied.

As Lloyd was pulled off the wall by an ogre, another battlehorn sounded over the battlefield. The defenders braced for another wave of gnolls, but were surprised to see several Falk cavalry men charging across the field from the south and into the gnoll archers and ogres. Lead by Merek and Lloyd’s father, Quinn Falk, the cavalry men helped Lloyd and Saurok dispatch two of the ogres. Thier offensive now finally blunted, the gnolls sounded a retreat while their final ogre pounded at the watch tower’s door, only to be felled as Rethel flew into a rage and charged it, burying Rauzok into it’s skull.


With the battle finally won, Lloyd and Merek went to speak to their father. The rush of battle still apparent in the old man’s eyes, he jovially asked his sons about the diary. As Lloyd crossed his arms and eyed Merek, Merek explained that Talon would not give up the diary, and that the secret of Aldwin Falk’s involvement in the fall of Acanthus had already been decoded.

Quinn pensively dismounted his horse glowering at his sons. Merek suggested they go to the Silver Raven to see if a compromise could be reached with Talon. Joined by Damhsa and Cecile Falk, Merek’s twin sister, the Falks went off to speak with Talon. As they left, Rethel spotted the Jalmaren’s once more coming from the forest, with yet another feast in tow. Beorn embraced his brother, praising his prowess against the gnolls. Unable to bear the thought of turning his sword against his brother, Beorn had decided to bring his sizable force of mercenaries to the aid of Saltmarsh, nearly doubling the force defending the city.

Back at the Silver Raven Inn, the family reunion was far more tense. Taking a seat with the bruised Talon, Merek introduced his father and Talon to each other. After letting the silence hang over the table for a few moments, Merek began to lay out to Talon how the involvement of the Falk’s in the fall of Acanthus must remain a secret. As the Seeker’s had been founded to bring the history of Acanthus into the light, Talon did not like the idea of hiding history, but Merek pointed out how the fall of the Falk’s would only weaken Acanthus, a city under siege by all of the major powers in the world.

After listening to Merek’s plea, Talon sat silent for a while before turning to Quinn. He agreed provisionally, that the Falk family would assist in protecting Talon and the diary, as well as providing monetary support to the Seeker’s. Taking his turn to sit in thought for a moment, Quinn let a slight sigh of relief, agreeing to Talon’s terms. Leaving Talon and his father to discuss the exact terms of the agreement, Merek joined his twin sister Cecile to pass the evening exchanging stories.

Kill Counts
Day 2
Falk Guard: 2
Merek: 2
Bolo: 1
Damhsa: 1
Kiwi: 1
Kimi: 1
Dik Dik: 0
Lloyd: 0
Myrtle: 0
Total: 2 Blackscales, 10 Sahuagin.

Day 3
Falk Guard: 7
Kiwi: 5
Saurok: 4
Damhsa: 3
Dik Dik: 2 (3 color sprayed)
Merek: 2
Lloyd: 2
Kimi: 1
Ogre: 1 (Friendly fire club)
Quinn: 1
Myrtle: 1
Rethel: 1 (Charged an Ogre)
Bolo: 0 (Face Fileted off)
Total: 27 Gnolls, 3 Ogres

Events of September 7
Down the Rabbit Hole

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Kiwi, Rethel

XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Rethel

Immediately upon traveling down into the ruin, the party began to notice a sudden shift in climate. As they stepped down into the first dust covered room, Merek commented that it almost seemed as though they had moved to one of the elemental planes. As if on queue, a dust elemental formed itself out of the dust covering the floor, and rushed after the party.

One short scuffle and a forced exfoliation for Damhsa, the party stood triumphant over the elemental. As they opened the door to descend further, they found themselves staring down the imp they had seen in the kobold caverns. Any ill will from having taken the giant’s ring from him apparently gone, the imp explained that his Master was below, waiting for them. Accepting the imp’s offer to escort them down, they followed him down.

When the party finally reached their destination, they saw Bee’org gripping a young women by the hair as he stood at the far side of the room, flanked on either side by two women bound to glowing sigils on the wall. The devil gave the party an all too fake smile as he explained that he had been impressed by their prowess thus far, and that he had arranged further tests below to fully gain the full measure of their ability. Telling the party that the floor before them was a test of their knowledge of the planes. With this, he flipped a lever which caused the floor to illuminate with an unnatural light and shoved the girl he had been holding by the hair out onto the floor, causing one of the women mounted to the wall to explode in a burst of magical energy.

Flashing the party a sadistic smile, he mounted the women he had tossed onto the floor in place of the one who had just exploded, urging the party to step carefully before leaving the room with his imp in tow. With Bee’org gone, the party set about transcribing the symbols, eventually realizing that they each represented a particular plane. As the party began to translate them, they noticed that the outer planes were out of place amongst a floor that was primarily elemental planes. Noticing that Celestia and Bytopia were the two nearest them, and the highest of the outer planes. With this, Rethel began to make his way across the floor, stepping from plane to plane as he slowly approached a final leap to the Abyss before he could step onto the walkway next to the captive women.

Noticing that the women’s shackles glowed like the sigils behind them, Rethel stepped over to the levers that Bee’org had used to activate the floor. Flipping the lever Bee’org had pulled down back up, the floor deactivated and the rest of the party made their way across. With the women freed, they sent them back with Edluar and a few others of the party as they continued further into the ruin.

The party dropped down into the next room, noticing one side seemed to be covered in a magical darkness. As they decided what to do about the darkness, it lit up, revealing the imp and a “studio audience” of faceless mannequins. As the audience applauded, the imp praised them for having been able to rescue all of the women. With this, the darkness returned as quickly as it had appeared and the party continued into the rooms.

Continuing down a large hallway, Rethel stopped to look into a room off to the side. Hearing him yell in surprise and grief, Merek came to find out what had happened. The two of them each saw what appeared to be all of their family lying dead across the room. Damhsa and the rest of the party only saw an empty room, and walked into to search it more carefully. As Damhsa stepped onto the head of one of the illusionary corpses, Rethel and Merek chased her and the rest of the party out of the room, setting about putting their family to rest (not realizing that each other saw only their own family, they were each confused but pleasantly surprised at the aid the other gave.)

Finishing up their work, they came out of the room to find Damhsa and the others appeared to be speaking of coming back later to loot the bodies of their family. Deciding they had to stay and guard their family, they barred the door locking themselves in. Once the door was secured, the bodies in the room began to rise up, shambling towards Rethel and Merek. As the pair fought for their lives, the rest of the party heard the ruckus, and rushed the force the door open. After a bit of effort, the door popped open with a satisfactory crack, and the illusions finally faded.

With this, the confused pair rejoined the part and continued on down the hallway, finally coming to a row of cells. Suspecting that Rolla, the sister of the blinded orphan Hollin, whom the party suspected to be in the ruin. As Rethel looked into one of the cells he saw a cloaked figure huddled in the corner, it’s face hidden. Quickly forcing the door open, he rushed in only to find himself face to face with himself. As he stared in confusing, the second Rethel lunged forward short sword in hand. Seeing this, Merek fired a blast into the second Rethel. Much to their consternation, the wound appeared upon the original Rethel.

Knowing that any further fight would only end with himself being wounded, Rethel charged out of the cell, slamming the door in the face of his doppelganger. As Rethel rather vehemently voiced his unease with this devil’s tricks, Merek searched the remaining cells. Each time they saw a figure in a cell, they threw a rock at it. Noting that Merek felt the rock hit him each time, the left the presumed doppelgangers in their cells and continued on.

In the next room, the party found themselves in a hallway marked by a procession of columns, each of which was engraved with images of devils torturing mortals. The party noted it seemed as though a piece of the hells had been brought into the material planes and continued on, noticing that engravings got more grotesque and brutal as the continued. By the end, both Myrtle and Kimi were on the verge of breaking down, stating that they could see themselves being tortured in the engravings.

Once they reached the far end of hallway, the party came to a pair of large stone doors, on which two mouths had been engraved. As Kiwi moved to open the doors, the mouths began to move, telling party to sod off. As they yelled out the doors to open up, the doors simply demanded the party open up in response. Rethel stepped forward, attempting to figure out what the doors needed to open up. Noticing they often complained of how quiet this place was compared to their home (which the party assumed to be the realm of Pandemonium), Rethel began to scream like a mad man, banging his swords against the stone columns. Merek quickly followed suit and Kimi and Myrtle quickly followed as they had already been shaken by the columns.

The doors praised the party happily, but commented on how Damhsa had not joined in, having only watched the party with bemusement. They demanded she sing them a song, which Damhsa did halfheartedly. Still holding shut, Kiwi stepped forward, convincing that if the doors opened up they may be able to return home. This seemed to finally placate them and the doors cracked open.

As the part walked into the darkness of the next room, they felt the floor suddenly shudder and begin to rise, bringing them up into an arena. As an audience of denizens of the lower plans cheered on, Bee’org once again commented on how impressed he was with their progress thus far, but that would have to earn their right to leave. With this, a masked being stepped out, tossing small object into the arena which grew into a full sized hook horror.

However, this was quickly felled by a flurry of ranged attacks from the party and a final critical blow from Kiwi in which she quickly smote the creature. The next wave of hell hounds was quickly felled by the party, and as the beastmaster returned once more to toss out his final wave, Kiwi surged forward attacking the beastmaster.

Just as three owl bears popped up behind Kiwi, cutting her off from the party, a portcullis closed behind the beastmaster, trapping him in the arena. As Kiwi dueled the beastmaster, the rest of the party took down the owlbears. Their enemies vanquished, the arena began to slowly fade around them. Bee’org praised them once more, and offered them a one hundred thousand gold reward and the withdrawal of his armies from Saltmarsh for giving him the diary.

And with his offer, Bee’org too faded, leaving the the party standing in the swamp with only the corpse of the beastmaster. Stripping the corpse of his valuable possessions, including an enchanted set of demonhide armor and a magical cloak, they party began to make their way back to Saltmarsh, noticing the once blighted marsh was now returning to normal. As they returned to the wall, they quickly briefed the sheriff what had happened and sent off the beastmaster’s magical gear off to be identified.

Upon discovering the magical qualities of the demonhide armor, the party decided it should go to Rethel. Immediately upon donning it, however, it began to pop and sizzle as it seared itself to his skin. Finding it hard to sleep with the armor having freshly burned itself to his flesh, Rethel took first watch. A couple hours in, he heard a rustling at the foot of the tower. Quickly firing an arrow down, he heard a lone orc cry out that he was surrendering, and that he had information for the town.

Descending down the tower, Rethel “guided” the orc in to the town hall, where he told the town council and Talon that he had overheard Bee’org’s plans to bring more of his kind into the prime material plan and gave them a sketch of the artifact which Bee’org thought could do this. Rethel took the sketch back to Marshgate bridge, where he woke up Damhsa who filled him in one what the had learned from Mags, the green witch of the swamp, about the artifact.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, and the following morning the party resumed their posts on the city wall. Noticing what appeared to be more bodies floating down the river, the party moved into investigate. As they neared the shore, several sahuagin and blackscale burst forth from the water. As the party fought off those on the surface, they noticed what appeared to be more blackscales beneath the water, tearing down the party’s makeshift underwater barricade.

Eventually, the party was able to repel the small force, but had to send runners back to the city warning that more sahuagin and blackscales may make their way further into the city underwater with the barricade down.

Events of August 31
Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day One

The hour passed with the party frantically rushing about to make their preparations. As the orc’s deadline approached, they were joined by Merek’s brother, Lloyd, and his family guard. Settling into their defences, they watched over as Bee’org’s forces began their advance. Charging across the open ground before the city wall, the besiegers locked their siege ladders into place. Click here to read more…


Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot
XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar

Events of August 24
War Council

After rounding up the Lizardfolk survivors, the party began the trek through the swamp back to Saltmarsh. Despite the fact that the beleaguered survivors were keeping the pace to all but a crawl, the party pressed onward, determined not to spend the night camping in the swamp. Well after the sun had set, the party spotted a campfire in the distance. Sending a small group forward to investigate, the party found a swamp witch, asking them to sit with her. Click here to read more….

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Rethel Odinhold, Gretchen Harbinger, Saurok

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek

DM's Recap Sessions 1-6

The party was brought together by a wealthy scholar named Talon Wales. Of interest to Talon was Epiran history and in particular the events surrounding the collapse of the west. After agreeing to join the Epiran Seekers, Talon showed you the The Diary of Gaelin Marram, a wizards apprentice who documented the last days of Epirus. Each of the diaries entries are warded and require lengthy research to unlock. Thus far three entries have been revealed.

The Diary’s major figures thus far:
Gaelin Marram: The apprentice of Magus Karrna, Gaelin escaped the epicenter of the cataclysm and documented his flight. Remarkably, figures he wrote about more than a thousand years earlier seem to be still prowling the west today.
Ilsa: A young acolyte of Pelor, Ilsa was rescued by Gaelin after experiencing unspeakable horrors at the hands of demons during her escape from Epirus.


Sofiel: An Erinyes who killed the demons pursuing Gaelin and Ilsa. Sofiel refused to allow Bee’org, a Bearded Devil, to harvest Gaelin’s soul as punishment for allowing multiple demons escape from their battle. Additionally, she slashed part of Bee’org’s beard from his face.


Bee’org: A Bearded Devil whose distinctive fleshy beard was trimmed by Sofiel as warning not to cross her. He seems to have reemerged as the party has both seen a Bearded Devil with a distinctive scar on his face and heard their enemies discuss him.
Aldwin Falk: The ancestor of Merek Falk, Aldwin conspired with a Harvester Devil to smuggle Yuan-Ti into Epirus. He thought the arrangement would lead to the assassination of the High Lord of Epirus and, in turn, his rise to power. Instead the Yuan-Ti unleashed a powerful artifact that triggered the cataclysm.
Molaan: The Harvester Devil who operated as a go between for Aldwin Falk and a yet unnamed “Master.” Molaan orchestrated events that allowed Gaelin to learn of Aldwin Falk’s plot but also warned Falk of Gaelin.

In exchange for the rights to build a guild hall within the walls of Saltmarsh, Talon sent the party on a number of errands on the behalf of the City Council.
• Investigation of missing children from the Lilybrook Orphanage revealed a Kobold Warren whose king was tasked by a Bearded Devil to seek out a yet unnamed item. The party killed the king, most of his lieutenants and rescued the children.
• Riftmen, fiendish barbarians whose ancestry traces back to the survivors of the cataclysm that were taken by demons, were found to be operating in the woods and hills north of Saltmarsh. The party attacked a stronghold where some of the advanced guard of had gathered. Here they overheard the riftmen discussing their master Bee’org. By destroying the outpost the party hoped to buy some time before the impending riftmen attack.
• The party was sent to investigate rumors of a haunting at the Aldusk Manor just North of town. The dilapidated manor was situated a few hundred yards outside of Saltmarsh’s south gate and over looked the harbor. The party did find that the manor was infested with undead but, even more concerning, pirates and riftmen were stockpiling weapons, armor, and gear in secret tunnels below the house. With the pirates and riftmen dealt with the party turned the stash of supplies and a pirate vessel, the Sea Ghost, over to the Town Council.
• At the request of the Hool Ambassador Silrak, The party moved west of Saltmarsh a half day into the swamp to investigate news that the Sahuagin attacked a Hool village. The party confirmed that the Sahuagin were on the move but didn’t take the time to fully thwart the “deep ones” preferring to take the survivors of the attack back to Saltmarsh. Just before the elder of the village passed he warned the party of a Bearded Devil leading the Sahuagin.

Notable Events:
• The City of Seaton, located 60 miles up the coast from Saltmarsh, was destroyed by riftmen and pirate slavers. 1000 refugees escaped to Saltmarsh but 200 people, all women, were taken by the riftmen. Refugees spoke of their homes being searched and prisoners questioned about an “old book”.
• The Halfling village of Gullynotch was also sacked by the riftmen pushing a few hundred Halflings to Saltmarsh. Here too the Halfling homes were searched.
• Many of the riftmen the party has defeated carry Yuan-Ti currency.
• The curator of the Saltmarsh museum was attacked in his home. His wife was killed in the attack and the curator was badly injured. The attackers were searching for a particular book which, by this time, the party assumed was the Diary that Talon is researching.
• Saltmarsh is bursting at the seams with refugees from surrounding towns and communities. This is causing problems with sanitation and food supplies.
Merek’s brother, Lloyd Falk, came to town and asked Merek to help him procure the diary for their father. Lloyd is accompanied by a small squad of soldiers from the Falk house.
• While the Town Council has expressed serious concern about an attack by the riftmen they believe that the chances of losing the city are slim due to Saltmarsh’s fortified walls.

Events of August 17
The Deep Ones Rise

After having cleared out the smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Aldrusk manor the party, returned to the guild house to take a well deserved rest. However, this would be cut short as the following morning a delegation from the Hool Embassy of the Lizardfolk, requesting that the come to the Embassy to meet with them. Click here to read more

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Rethel Odinhold

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar


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