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Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Sail West Young Man

No one makes a sound, choosing instead to concentrate on keeping your balance and more importantly, dinner, as your ship heaves heavily back and forth. Waves thirty feet tall pound the deck of the Gannet while lighting cracks all around. Suddenly, the silence is broken when the hatch to the deck pops open sending rain and sea water into the hold. Quickly clamoring down the steps and into the hold is a soaked and windblown sailor who seems to be laughing as he struggles to re-secure the hatch behind him. He is short, lean, and wears tattered clothes with no shoes. As he turns, you see the weathered face and broken smile of Leofrik the Bosun’s mate. Hooting loudly Leofrik shakes his head and pulls at his scraggly beard spraying water about the room. “Its a wild one tonight!” Leofrik says laughing. “A good storm can be an honest sailor’s best friend I tell you. Thems pirate waters out there and were not likely to runs into one of those buggers with that ballyhoo outside! Did I ever tells you folks about the time we were…” Fixing your eyes on the floor, Leofrik’s voice fades as you stop listening. Normally one of his stories would be a welcome diversion from the boredom of a long voyage but this storm was particularly violent and you are in no mood for tales of mermaids and buried treasure. Three weeks at sea didn’t seem like that long when you first had the idea of making the voyage but now, caught in stormy weather, you question how wise a decision this was. Lost in thought about the home you left behind you are suddenly jarred back to reality as Leofrik slaps you on the back laughing heartily. “Ain’t that right!” Leofrik shouts, concluding his story. Giving a polite smile you nod to the old man while your companions laugh at some punchline you had missed. “Tis beyond me why any of you’s would want to sail west. Lots of bad juju out here I tell you.” he says, his face becoming more serious. Rising slowly his eyes turn towards the topside hatch. “Something aint right…” He mutters. It was then that you noticed that the ship had stopped rocking and the sound of waves and rain had ceased. “I thought fer sure that storm would be with us for a few hours at least. But weirdness and odd goings ons are normal out here.” Bringing you all closer Leofrik lowers his voice, “I thinks its the work of demons and black magic!” Looking back at the hatch again Leofrik gives his beard a tug, “weirdness…” Turning back to you the sailor gives you a half smile, “You’s know the stories right? I’m’s sure that college boy over there could tell you if he weren’t praying to Triton” Leofrik motions jokingly to a gnome who was tightly gripping a bronze receptacle between his legs to catch his days rations. “The ancients, the ones who comes before us. They were warring with the snake people. You know the ones…the ones that peoples still say live in the Firian. Well, those ancient folk were winning the war, somes says they nearly wiped out those slimy sods but the snakes had one last trick. The snakes, theys summoned an army that came straight from..” Lowering his voice, “the abyss.” Speaking normally again Leofrik continues, “Well, that was that for the ancients, thems all gone now leaving only weirdness and odd happenings out here. But you all knows the stories. I guess you know your business and it aint the place of an old sea dog like me telling you what fer.”

Events of July 13, 2014
What Children?

All stories must begin somewhere, and in the case of ours, this is a musty warehouse nestled within the walls of Saltmarsh. It is here that Talon Wales has established a temporary guild house of the Epiran Seekers, sending an open invitation to all adventurers, explorers, and fortune-hunters in the city. It is at the this gathering of Talon’s newest recruits that he explains the nature of his guild, to search for artifacts and history of the lost Epiran Empire.
Read more here

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Aiko Amastacia, Edluar the Seeker, Merek Falk, Valthea Thuliaga

XP Award (APL 1): 250

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar

Events of July 19-20

As the party delved deeper into the kobold caverns, it became readily apparent that there was more at work here than your standard kobold raid. The festival seemed to be coming to a head as the party heard the diminuative lizards cry out, announcing the arrival of the “visitor”. As the party rushed into the darkened chamber, they saw dozens of kobolds all staring in anticipation as the kobold king and a large fiendish creature with scarred fleshy beard conversed. Oh, Those Children

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Edluar the Seeker, Merek Falk, Valthea Thuliaga, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot

XP Award (APL 1): 250

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek

Events of July 27
The Coming Storm

The party returned from their dinner at the orphanage to find that the temporary Seeker guild house has been broken into. Nothing seemed to have been taken, however the lock box which contained Gaelin’s diary looked quiet battered. After resecuring the building, the party set up watch, preparing to head out the next day ensure the diary’s safety. Read More Here

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Valthea Thuliaga, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Kimi Eavewalker, Myrtle

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Valthea

Events of August 3
Whispers in the Dark

After their assault on the riftmen’s encampment, the party escorted the freed captives back to Saltmarsh. Leaving the former captives with the city officials, the party returned to the guild house. Upon arriving, Talon told them they had received a new request from the town council, to shut down the rumors of the abandoned Aldusk Manor having been haunted. Read more here…

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Valthea Thuliaga, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Gretchen Harbinger, Aiko Amastacia, Rethel Odinhold, Saurok

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Dik Dik

Events of August 10
Yar! Nothin' be wrong!

Finding the trap door now secured from the other side, the party to the kitchen stairway down into the basement of the manor. On the floor below, they found a group of undead waiting in ambush, who were quickly dispatched. Taking a hidden door found in the wine cellar, the party found themselves in what appeared to be the hideout of a group of smugglers. Click here to read more…

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot,Damhsa daughter of Scottia

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Kiwi

Events of August 17
The Deep Ones Rise

After having cleared out the smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Aldrusk manor the party, returned to the guild house to take a well deserved rest. However, this would be cut short as the following morning a delegation from the Hool Embassy of the Lizardfolk, requesting that the come to the Embassy to meet with them. Click here to read more

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Rethel Odinhold

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar

DM's Recap Sessions 1-6

The party was brought together by a wealthy scholar named Talon Wales. Of interest to Talon was Epiran history and in particular the events surrounding the collapse of the west. After agreeing to join the Epiran Seekers, Talon showed you the The Diary of Gaelin Marram, a wizards apprentice who documented the last days of Epirus. Each of the diaries entries are warded and require lengthy research to unlock. Thus far three entries have been revealed.

The Diary’s major figures thus far:
Gaelin Marram: The apprentice of Magus Karrna, Gaelin escaped the epicenter of the cataclysm and documented his flight. Remarkably, figures he wrote about more than a thousand years earlier seem to be still prowling the west today.
Ilsa: A young acolyte of Pelor, Ilsa was rescued by Gaelin after experiencing unspeakable horrors at the hands of demons during her escape from Epirus.


Sofiel: An Erinyes who killed the demons pursuing Gaelin and Ilsa. Sofiel refused to allow Bee’org, a Bearded Devil, to harvest Gaelin’s soul as punishment for allowing multiple demons escape from their battle. Additionally, she slashed part of Bee’org’s beard from his face.


Bee’org: A Bearded Devil whose distinctive fleshy beard was trimmed by Sofiel as warning not to cross her. He seems to have reemerged as the party has both seen a Bearded Devil with a distinctive scar on his face and heard their enemies discuss him.
Aldwin Falk: The ancestor of Merek Falk, Aldwin conspired with a Harvester Devil to smuggle Yuan-Ti into Epirus. He thought the arrangement would lead to the assassination of the High Lord of Epirus and, in turn, his rise to power. Instead the Yuan-Ti unleashed a powerful artifact that triggered the cataclysm.
Molaan: The Harvester Devil who operated as a go between for Aldwin Falk and a yet unnamed “Master.” Molaan orchestrated events that allowed Gaelin to learn of Aldwin Falk’s plot but also warned Falk of Gaelin.

In exchange for the rights to build a guild hall within the walls of Saltmarsh, Talon sent the party on a number of errands on the behalf of the City Council.
• Investigation of missing children from the Lilybrook Orphanage revealed a Kobold Warren whose king was tasked by a Bearded Devil to seek out a yet unnamed item. The party killed the king, most of his lieutenants and rescued the children.
• Riftmen, fiendish barbarians whose ancestry traces back to the survivors of the cataclysm that were taken by demons, were found to be operating in the woods and hills north of Saltmarsh. The party attacked a stronghold where some of the advanced guard of had gathered. Here they overheard the riftmen discussing their master Bee’org. By destroying the outpost the party hoped to buy some time before the impending riftmen attack.
• The party was sent to investigate rumors of a haunting at the Aldusk Manor just North of town. The dilapidated manor was situated a few hundred yards outside of Saltmarsh’s south gate and over looked the harbor. The party did find that the manor was infested with undead but, even more concerning, pirates and riftmen were stockpiling weapons, armor, and gear in secret tunnels below the house. With the pirates and riftmen dealt with the party turned the stash of supplies and a pirate vessel, the Sea Ghost, over to the Town Council.
• At the request of the Hool Ambassador Silrak, The party moved west of Saltmarsh a half day into the swamp to investigate news that the Sahuagin attacked a Hool village. The party confirmed that the Sahuagin were on the move but didn’t take the time to fully thwart the “deep ones” preferring to take the survivors of the attack back to Saltmarsh. Just before the elder of the village passed he warned the party of a Bearded Devil leading the Sahuagin.

Notable Events:
• The City of Seaton, located 60 miles up the coast from Saltmarsh, was destroyed by riftmen and pirate slavers. 1000 refugees escaped to Saltmarsh but 200 people, all women, were taken by the riftmen. Refugees spoke of their homes being searched and prisoners questioned about an “old book”.
• The Halfling village of Gullynotch was also sacked by the riftmen pushing a few hundred Halflings to Saltmarsh. Here too the Halfling homes were searched.
• Many of the riftmen the party has defeated carry Yuan-Ti currency.
• The curator of the Saltmarsh museum was attacked in his home. His wife was killed in the attack and the curator was badly injured. The attackers were searching for a particular book which, by this time, the party assumed was the Diary that Talon is researching.
• Saltmarsh is bursting at the seams with refugees from surrounding towns and communities. This is causing problems with sanitation and food supplies.
Merek’s brother, Lloyd Falk, came to town and asked Merek to help him procure the diary for their father. Lloyd is accompanied by a small squad of soldiers from the Falk house.
• While the Town Council has expressed serious concern about an attack by the riftmen they believe that the chances of losing the city are slim due to Saltmarsh’s fortified walls.

Events of August 24
War Council

After rounding up the Lizardfolk survivors, the party began the trek through the swamp back to Saltmarsh. Despite the fact that the beleaguered survivors were keeping the pace to all but a crawl, the party pressed onward, determined not to spend the night camping in the swamp. Well after the sun had set, the party spotted a campfire in the distance. Sending a small group forward to investigate, the party found a swamp witch, asking them to sit with her. Click here to read more….

Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Rethel Odinhold, Gretchen Harbinger, Saurok

XP Award (APL 2): 450

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek

Events of August 31
Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day One

The hour passed with the party frantically rushing about to make their preparations. As the orc’s deadline approached, they were joined by Merek’s brother, Lloyd, and his family guard. Settling into their defences, they watched over as Bee’org’s forces began their advance. Charging across the open ground before the city wall, the besiegers locked their siege ladders into place. Click here to read more…


Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot
XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar


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