Talon Wales


Talon Wales was the only child of Terryn and Luanda Wales, extremely wealthy merchants from Sassarine. As a youth, Talon was adventurous, often ignoring his fathers wish that he learn the family business, preferring to leave town for days at a time to explore ruins or hike in the surrounding countryside. He was captivated by the history of the West, especially the stories and legends that surrounded Epirus and its destruction. After his parents passed Talon chose to follow his dream, sold the family business, and devoted his life to the study of Epirus.

Talon founded the Epiran Seekers as a way to bring together others who shared his enthusiasm for adventure and a passion for discovering the lost lore surrounding the fall of Epirus. The Seekers were first based in Acanthus but found the descendants of Epirus to be less than helpful and sometimes hostile towards the guild’s inquiries. Talon and the guild spent nearly a decade dealing with the bureaucracy of Acanthus before Edard Holmen uncovered the Diary of Gaelin Marram while clearing stones from a stretch of land he wanted to farm.

The discovery of the diary changed everything for the Seekers. Talon left Acanthus believing that the answers were not going to be found in a library but in the ruins and wilderness that the Epirans once called home. The historians and scholars remained in Acanthus while Talon moved to Saltmarsh and began recruiting adventurers who would be willing to risk their lives for fame and fortune. Whether attracted by hidden treasure or a desire to explore the past the Seekers have grown quickly in a short time.

Talon Wales

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