Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of August 31

Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day One

The hour passed with the party frantically rushing about to make their preparations. As the orc’s deadline approached, they were joined by Merek’s brother, Lloyd, and his family guard. Settling into their defences, they watched over as Bee’org’s forces began their advance. Charging across the open ground before the city wall, the besiegers locked their siege ladders into place. Click here to read more…


Characters Present: Dik Dik, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Saurok, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot
XP Award (APL 3): 565

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edluar



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