Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of August 9

Leaving the orc village behind, the party began trekking eastward towards Acanthus. Moving during the day, their travel was largely uneventful until the sun began to set, when suddenly, a screaming man burst out of the treeline, charging straight at the party. Understandably alarmed, the party readied themselves for battle, only to see a displacer beast leap from the trees behind the screaming man.


As the party piled on the beast, struggling to hit it as it flickered about, two others appeared on the party’s flanks. While Edluar held one flank with a combination of mirror image and blink, the rest of the party set about dispatching the pack’s alpha. After what seemed like an eternity, the great beast fell, letting the party split up to quickly slay the two flankers.

With the immediate danger now passed, the party turned back to the man who had come screaming into their midst. Learning that he was a priest of Fharlanghn, the party offered to let Allyndor travel with them. Not being forewarned of the life expectancy of the average cleric in the party, Allyndor agreed, seeing safety in numbers. With this, the party dragged the corpses of the displacer beasts to their campsite, proceeding to skin them and have Allyndor keep them preserved with a gentle repose.

The next day’s travels passed in relative peace, with the party finding a extremely defensible campsite for the night. As the watches slowly passed, the party was woken by Trace’s alarm on the camp as an enormous abyssal creature lumbered out of the darkness. Surging forth into the midst of the party, it began tearing into them, it’s claws leaving gashing wounds filled with black gunk. When the beast finally died, sending a shower of vermin over the party’s campsite, the party clerics began taking a closer look at the wounds.


Apparently, the beast was inflicting vile wounds, which would only be able to heal naturally over time or with a high level healing spell. In addition, they were unable to identify the black gunk seeping into the wounds. Deeply concerned over the effect on the gunk on Ciara’s unborn child, they spent the majority of the night fussing over her, which she begrudgingly allowed.

The following morning, with their spells recovered, the clerics attempted using a Cure Disease spell on the gunk, which removed it. Passing out said spells over those afflicted, the party then set off eastward. The next several days passed with little incident, with the party making good time. As they entered some hills, the party set up camp below a rocky overhang for the night. Though the night passed largely without event, while Damhsa and Merek were on watch, they heard something thumping about on the rock face above them.

Curiosity peaked, Merek disguised himself as a night hag (with a bit too much enthusiasm), and flew up take a look at what was above them. As he crested the cliff side, Merek saw a giant with magnificent mutton-chops, happily snoring the night away. Satisfied there was no immediate threat, Merek returned to Damhsa and filled her in.

As dawn rose the next day, the party quietly slipped away from the cliff face. After Merek flew up higher for a better point of view, he reported back to the party that Acanthus was nowhere in sight, but he did spot a river splitting into two different rivers, and a small settlement at the fork in the river with plumes of smoke rising above it. Deciding it would be better to try to avoid the settlement, the party made their way directly towards the river, and attempt to find away to cross it.

After another day’s travel, the found themselves on the bank of an extremely large river. Sadly, without any skill in carpentry between them, the party decided that building a raft would simply take to long. One more scouting trip by Merek determined that there was in fact a crossing at the settlement to their south. And so, with their destination now set, the party began trekking southwards along the banks of the river.

Characters Present: Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Merek Falk, Trace, Kiwi, Edluar the Seeker, Allyndor
XP Award (APL 7): 1015

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Damhsa



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