Campaign of the Month: April 2016

Adoraith: Echoes of Epirus

Events of March 1

In Only Seven Days

Newly freed slaves in tow, the party returned to the surface to spend what remained of their latest spoils on the preparation for the assault on the Drow city, as well as giving a healthy amount to the slaves in order to begin their new lives. As they went back down, the party filled in Hrink on their assault on the druegar caravan and the drow city while skipping over their association with the Great Khan. They told Hrink they anticipated that it would take them about a week for their assault on the Drow. Nodding somberly, Hrink warned them that he would wait only one week before sealing the tunnels. Any longer, and the party would have to find another way out of the underdark.

Once more in the underdark, the air was now noticeably warmer, with the scent of something burning in the area. Stepping over to the portcullis to the Great Khan’s compound, the party was informed by the illythid that a band of Lolth worshipers were attempting to retake the Drow city. Glad of the diversion, the party was lead to the alternate path into the drow compound they had been promised. As they stood at the edge of a great chasm, the illythid warned the party of a chimera which lived in these tunnels, feasting itself on the grimlocks that moved below.

With this, the illythid raised a bridge across the chasm and the party was beckoned across. Upon the other side they found two paths, one well traveled, the other not. However, they were told both would lead to the same place. Though initially the party considered taking the well trodden path, Merek reasoned that they did not know what traveled down that path, and was able to convince the party to take the less traveled tunnel.

As the party snaked their way down the tunnel, they soon came to question the wisdom of having taken this path. Slade was leading the party when a sticky strand shot shot from the darkness into him. Ignoring the shouts of “Money shot!” from behind him, Slade found himself face to face with a roper, its poison sapping his strength.


The party quickly rushed down the tunnel to his aid. Shortly after discovering the creature’s resistance to magic, Merek also discovered it could fire more than a single strand as it yanked him from the ceiling onto the stone floor and began firing at the rest of the party. While those that could harm the creature closed in and chopped at the roper, the rest of the party busied themselves with sundering the creature’s gummy spurts.

With the creature now dead, the party was mildly surprised to find that it had collected a sizable cache of coins. Padding their wallets, the party continued down the tunnel. It wasn’t long, however, before they found themselves upon the scene of yet another battle. As their tunnel widened out into a large cavern, they party saw a mycanid village before them, the little mushrooms strewn about, their bodies flaccid against the cave floor. It did not take long for the party to notice Drow moving about the village, setting fire to the buildings.


Unwilling to let this slaughter go unchallenged without one of their own, the party charged out to meet the Drow. However, they quickly found themselves outnumbered, as several more Drow and a dryder came from within the village proper. Quick thinking by Edluar sent a few of the Drow fleeing in blindness. Merek was dropped to the floor once more as one of the drows’ poison over took him, dropping him unconscious. Upon being revived, he quickly set a pair of water elementals to distract the dryder. The rest of the party rushed forward to meet the enemies’ melee fighters, while Edluar, brash as ever, rushed forward without support.


Just as the tide seemed to be swinging in the party’s favor, reinforcements came from below in the form of a pair of Drow rogues, a sorceress, and a web golem. The sorceress fell quickly to the concentrated fire of the entire party, but the rogues proved far more resilient. None the less, the party managed to keep their momentum, cutting down the last of the Drow’s main line. With the dryder having wasted the majority of her spells on the elementals, and the rogues now surrounded, the Drow fell into retreat, leaving their web golem alone to stall the party.


As the party surrounded the gooey, pasty construct, they found it more than capable of slowing them down. Slade called out that it was weak to fire, prompting Dhamsa to unleash a flurry alchemists fire and to down a potion of fire breath. Smoldering under the fiery assault the creature fell at last. Exhausted and badly wounded from their battle, the party resolved to regroup before continuing onward toward the chimera that no doubt awaited them ahead.

Characters Present: Damhsa daughter of Scottia, Merek Falk, Edluar the Seeker, Kiwi Fuzzyfoot, Wu Zi, Slade

XP Award (APL 5): 790

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Merek



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