The Theocracy of Cantabria is ruled by the Ecumenical Council of Ibiza or simply referred to as The Council. The Council is comprised of the heads of each of the respective churches (Forgotten Realms Pantheon) regardless of alignment and is presided over by the Grand Pontiff elected by The Council from its ranks. Each church is allowed to fulfill its dogma without restriction. However, any dogma that would infringe on the freedoms of a native Cantabrians is expected to be performed upon either condemned prisoners, atheists, or foreigners (for example, human sacrifice for the glory of Cyric). Cantabrians believe that any magic that is not derived from a divine source is profane by nature and needs to be eradicated wherever its found. They justify this by making selective readings of scriptures. So while Mystra is called the goddess of magic they would read the title as the goddess of divine magic. This position became official policy a little over 100 years ago when the Tribunal of Ibiza was formed to deal with the “Arcane Question.” Out of this decision a secret police, simply called the Tribunes, was formed and tasked with hunting down arcane spell casters whether they are found inside Cantabria or not.





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