Demonhide Leather


Name: Demonhide Leather (+2 Leather Armor)

Description: Stinking of sulfur, the leather of this armor is made from large sheets of demonhide and is tied with a malignant skull.

Enchantment: Sewn from the hides of several dretch, Demonhide Leather gives the user resistances to fire, cold, acid, and electricity (5 each). Further, while worn the wearer has the ability to see while in complete darkness (Darkvision 60ft).

Curse: The Demonhide Leather Armor sears itself to the wearer making it impossible to remove without painfully filleting the armor from the user’s body. Wearing the Demonhide Leather is extremely painful. For as long as the armor is worn the wearers maximum hit point total is reduced by 5.

Story: The Lords of Baator wage a war across the outer planes against the hordes of the Abyss in an eternal conflict known as the Bloodwar. Grossly outnumbered, devils often recruit mercenaries to bolster their ranks or, more often, to act as cannon fodder. However, these lesser beings typically do not have the natural resistances to the harsh climates found on the battlefields of the Bloodwars. Extreme temperatures and violent atmospheric conditions often serve as a backdrop to these epic battles. To combat these extremes, infernal commanders began taking the hides of fallen demonic foes, often lesser demons like dretch or babau, and crafting the skins into armor for their conscripts. The demonhides give their minions the ability to survive in harsh environments and serve the Lords of Baator more effectively.

Demonhide Leather

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