Player Characters


Player Player Character Race Class Level Current Tally Points Tally Points Spent Experience
Amariah Laquita Human Fighter 13 37 60 83,444
CorvisOrion Merek Falk Human Warlock 13 28 305 80,202
BHowie Muradin Stouthammer Dwarf Fighter 13 74 40 80,920
Eric Iolas Human Rogue 13 61 70 80,284
Jalen Akuma Blood Dreamer Illumian Wizard 12 2 32 75,189
JeffMc Askelepios Minotaur Cleric 13 156 30 82,807
Lance Corgan Half-Elf Ranger 12 0 0 75,000
mstoledo81 Damhsa daughter of Scottia Human Fighter/Scout 13 67 277 83,972


Deceased Player Character RIP
Avvar Impaled by a Revenant within Castle Maerimydra
Dik Dik Butchered by Yuan-ti while sailing up the Blackwater River
Captain Drogan Aeducan Crushed by a Fire Giant’s Maul
Edolmont Selonas Slain by blood fiends in the ruins of Maerimydra
Kimi Eavewalker Fell to the poison of a Wyvern in the wilds of the West.
Bolo Loamsdown Bolo’s face was seared off by a Drow Sorceress in the mines beneath Droshügen.
Myrtle Whitfurrow Myrtle was killed by a pack of ghouls in the ruins of Maerimydra
Serea Killed by a Wraith Spider in the Underdark
Slade Killed by the touch of a wraith while fighting to free Vourn Chumavh in the ruins of Maerimydra
Vasalkar Impaled by a Cadaver Collector in the ruins of Maerimydra
Wu-Zi Killed the foul Kyrlanen on the Wailing Cliffs
Trayce Legacy Killed by the Green Dragon Phraxis in Emin Nir
Caitlynn Killed by a fireball from a Riftman Sorcerer
Missing Player Character MIA
Renjiro Renrami Lost in a maze of his own making
Gretchen Harbinger On the lamb from Necian Bounty Hunters
Aiko Amastacia Got lost while on a leisurely stroll through the city park
Rethel Odinhold Returned with his brother to the Jalmaren Highlands
Saurok Left to rejoin his tribe in the Saltmarsh
Allyndor the Wanderer Taken by the Drow while trying to escape from the Demonweb
Ernest Retired from adventuring and now tends his temple in Saltmarsh
Elyas Off doing his druid thing in South Carolina
Umma gumma, the senior Retired to the sunny side of the kobald caves
Eluned Elderflower Tending the PTSD dog and her thousand cats
Kiwi Fuzzyfoot Became the defender of Saltmarsh and it’s citizens


Player Characters

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