Siren's Break


Found between the lands of Arvayheer and the Charred Peaks of Fire Isle is a narrow straight known as the Siren’s Break. While it is the most direct route to Cantabria from the west, a scant few sea captains will test these treacherous waters.

Siren’s Break is infamous for dangers far beyond the skill of most sailors. Reefs and jagged spires of rock have sent countless ships and crew to the depths. While there are safe paths through the maze of hazards, they are only braved by smugglers and pirates who wish to avoid Arvayheerian and Cantabrian warships.

Even for those who know the waterways, other more insidious dangers still lurk. Siren’s Break was given its name for the fey creatures that use enchanting songs to charm captains and crew in an effort to cause their ships to run aground upon the rocks and reefs. Even for those who manage to avoid the Siren’s call the waters are also home to an aggressive tribe of Sahuagin who prowl the waters in and around Siren’s Break.

Siren's Break

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