The Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day One

The hour passed with the party frantically rushing about to make their preparations. As the orc’s deadline approached, they were joined by Merek‘s brother, Lloyd, and his family guard. Settling into their defences, they watched over as Bee’org’s forces began their advance. Charging across the open ground before the city wall, the besiegers locked their siege ladders into place.


As the defender’s peppered attackers with arrows and magic, the orcs surged over the wall, collapsing to color sprays of Edluar and Dik Dik. The battle now met, the party struggled to meet the besiegers. With the defenses beginning to fall, reinforcements came in the unexpected form of Jeva the werewolf and Lola the giant. Finding the seeker’s newly bolstered defence stalling them, Bee’org’s forces sounded a retreat.

Taking advantage of the pause in the battle, the party used the time to take down the enemy’s siege ladders, trapping them over the bridge to prevent sahuagin from entering the city underwater. Shortly after finishing, the second wave came in, this time supported by blackscales and sahuagin attacking directly from the river. With Saurok, Kiwi, Jeva, Myrtle, Kimi, and Lola quickly slaying the river born forces, Lloyd and his men stalling the enemy on the northern portion of the wall, and Edluar, Damhsa, Dik Dik, and Merek cutting down the southern force, Bee’org’s forces quickly realized the futility of taking the at this point and sounded a second retreat.

As the party sat awaiting the next wave, they began to see forms floating down the river, and stacking against their underwater barricade. Saurok dove down to take a look, bringing back up the diseased corpse of a lizardfolk. Myrtle noticed that the plague carried by the bodies seems to be from an unnatural source. Sending a runner back to warn the council that the water may be diseased, the party worked at removing and burning the bodies.

As the party took care of the bodies, those still on the wall began to notice the besiegers putting up a large platform outside the walls. As it seemed to not be a siege engine, the party was content to allow the enemy forces to erect their structure. Finishing as dusk fell, a being walked out onto the torchlit stage, three women in tow. He offered another ultimatum, give the diary to them in return for the end of the siege. Explaining that they were about to begin “entertaining” the besiegers with the women they had captured from Seaton, he urged the city to come to their decision quickly.

As the besiegers began to torture the women, the party was split about whether or not to abandon their defenses in order to go rescue the women. Deciding that the lives of the many within the city outweighed the few being tortured on the stage, the party held their ground when they were joined by the sheriff, who thanked them for not acting recklessly. He explained that identical stages had been set up at the north and south gates, and while they could nothing for those currently being torture they did have another plan.

The Bothan spies Lizardfolk scouts had discovered the camp where the enemy was holding the other prisoners from Seaton. They wanted the Seekers to go out to try and rescue them. Eagerly agreeing, the sheriff brought other troops over to reinforce Marshgate Bridge. Deciding to keep some of their force back to help against possible night attacks, Kiwi, Merek, Edluar, Saurok, and Dhamsa set off into the swamp towards the enemy encampment.

After dodging the enemy patrols, the party entered the swamp, finding that it had been blighted since their last excursion, draining and drying out the bog. This revealed formerly submerged ruins. Suspecting this to be the location of the enemy encampment, the party slowly moved forward, killing the sentries. Gathering around the entrance to the lower levels of the ruins, the party steeled themselves for whatever the may find below.

Day One Kill Count

Lola: 12
Falk Family Guards: 11
Merek: 8
Lloyd: 8
Bolo: 6
Kiwi: 5
Dik Dik: 4 (Color Sprayed 6)
Dhamsa: 3 (Held off 9 orcs at once)
Kimi: 3
Jeva: 2
Saurok: 2
Edluar: 0 (Color Sprayed 14 and Back-handed an orc shaman as he cast a spell)
Myrtle: 0

The Battle of Marshgate Bridge, Day One

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