Epiran Seekers

NPC Description
The Diary of Gaelin Marram An account of the last days of Epirus written by a young mage’s apprentice
Talon Wales Founder of the Epiran Seekers, a guild devoted to uncovering the history of the west
Myrtle Whitfurrow Priestess of Arvoreen and member of the Epiran Seekers
Bolo Loamsdown Halfling scout and member of the Epiran Seekers


NPC Description
Quinn Falk Father of Merek Falk and head of the Warrior Caste Order of the Eagle
Lloyd Falk Brother of Merek Falk and officer in the Warrior Caste Order of the Eagle
Cecile Falk Twin sister of Merek Falk and Priestess of Sune
Typhon Infernal counselor to Merek Falk and Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine



NPC Description
Aldred Marram High Lord of Droshügen and direct descendant of Oren Marram
Zelig Hart Droshügen Ranger and Captain of skirmishers in the war against the Yuan-Ti
Sofiel Known by many as the “repentant one”, Sofiel, a fallen angel, has committed herself to the defense of Droshügen and it’s people.
The Great Khan An eclectic beholder whose lands lay in the Underdark beneath the city of Droshügen
Burokzahn An Illithid who serves as Steward of the Great Khan’s palace.

Emin Nir

NPC Description
Nhar’qual Elven Wizard who has fallen to the corruption of Dagon’s Jewel
Ayrilla Granddaughter of Nhar’qual who serves him as an enforcer of his will
Wyreth von Draug A Vampire who, despite his nature, has pitted himself against the mad schemes of the lich Wragmag
Utzog A plainsman of Karas who, through illusion, disguised himself as an orc and took control of the Red Axe Clan


NPC Description
Rufus Bandawax Mayor of Gullynotch


NPC Description
The Hidden The thieves guild of Maerimydra and an underground resistance against the forces of Kurgoth Hellspawn and Irae T’sarran
Irae T’sarran High priestess of Kiaransalee who attempted to exact her goddess’s vengeance upon the surface lands by raising an army of undead beneath Droshügen
Kurgoth Hellspawn A half-fiend fire giant who used the chaos caused by the war between House T’sarran and House Chumavh to occupy and sack Maerimydra
Vourn Chumavh Servant of Lolth and Daughter of the Matron of Maerimydra, she now fights to take back the city following the murder of her mother


NPC Description
Lord Mayor Timertikos Head of the Saltmarsh City Council and descendent of a Saltmarsh founder
Lady Lyra Ivessa Saltmarsh Councilor and head of the Cathedral of Pelor
Lord Hoskin Lashti Saltmarsh Councilor and purveyor of the Silver Raven
Lord Toren Aerakin Saltmarsh Councilor and descendent of a Saltmarsh founder
Lord Egan Lassiter Saltmarsh Councilor and descendent of a Saltmarsh founder
Lady Lira Tolivar Saltmarsh Councilor and leader of the druids of Oak Island
Silrak Lizardfolk diplomat from the Hool tribe
Tobias Ambermead Local wine merchant and vocal opponent of the pact with the Lizardfolk
Thuldrin Kreed Wealthy merchant, Kreed employs a large percentage of the locals in and around Saltmarsh
Jurin Kreed 11 year old son of Thuldrin Kreed
Payden Teedum Right hand man of Thuldrin Kreed
Deldrin Baleson Saltmarsh Sheriff
Lola Hill Giant Widow who lives in the wooded hills north of Saltmarsh
Darmonte Van Drams Sent to aid the party by an unknown benefactor Darmonte is an overly proper gentleman with an incredibly dry personality
The Dusk Hag Gifted with “the sight” this old crone was saved by the party from the Gray Coven

Lilybrook Orphanage (Saltmarsh)

NPC Description
Audry Lilybrook Wealthy philanthropist and matron of the Lilybrook Orphanage
Kimi Eavewalker 14 year old tomboy who seeks to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps
Hollin Hebbradan 10 year old orphan who seeks the rescue of her older sister
Mikra Jabbs Dim witted yet lovable son of Colbrin Jabbs, the Saltmarsh butcher
Savram Vade Orphaned son of the wizard Sharvaros Vade
Jeva Wolf girl with a tortured past




NPC Description
Berba Allewine A serving wench at the local tavern who became smitten with Edluar
The Witch The night hag that preyed upon the children of Trellmont


NPC Description
Bee’org A bearded devil who has resided on the Prime Material Plane since the great cataclysm tore him from the outer planes. He now seeks to reforge the relic that created the cataclysm with the hopes of returning to Hell
Wragmag An ancient lich who schemes to free Miska the Wolf-Spider and return the Queen of Chaos to power


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